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With intimate knowledge of property compliance, changes in legislation and focus in minimizing liability, we provide innovative solutions that enable our clients to focus on maximizing returns.

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Consulting & Advising for NYC Property Compliance

City5 Consulting is the most trusted real estate consulting source for property owners, developers, and management firms in New York City. We navigate our clients through the complex regulations providing unparalleled clarity while granting them the ability to transact effortlessly and with confidence. Our team strives to continuously elevate the client-consultant experience.

Violation Services

Our violation removal specialists are highly skilled professionals who represent our clients for violations issued by the DOB, ECB, FDNY, DSNY, HPD, DOH and DEP agencies.

ECB Violation

We offer representation at ECB hearings, which include DOB, FDNY, DOS, DOT, DOH & DEP.

DOB Violation

We prepare all documents and required affidavits, filing for corrections, scheduling inspections and provide certificates of correction.

HPD Violation

Our team provides full service for dismissal of HPD violations, scheduling inspections, removal violations


Our DHCR professionals represent property owners in various proceedings with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. DHCR is the state agency responsible for implementing the laws and regulations that govern rent controlled and rent stabilized tenancies.

Administrative proceedings

Our team provides full service filing an application with the agency needed to remove a building from rent stabilization.

Overcharge complaints

In the case a tenant files an overcharge complaint, our professionals with review and respond directly to the agency.

Annual registrations

Every rent stabilized property is required to register annually with DHCR. If a property owner fails to properly register their rent, they can lose the right to collect rent increases as well as liability for up to treble damages on overcharges.

Due Diligence

Before you purchase a building we are going to review the rent history and DHCR registration to ensure that all increases were in compliance with rent regulation.

Landlord Tenant Consulting

Even great tenants and perfect rental properties come with a host of challenges. Our consultants have decades of proven experience assisting landlords with the many different roles a successful landlord must be able to perform.

Landlord Tenant Proceedings

We do not provide legal representation in court, however we provide assistance with landlord tenant proceedings and work closely with attorneys. Coming Soon

Landlord Tenant Investigations

Our specialized investigative team assists landlords as to enable them to make informed decisions in the areas of non-primary residency, succession rights, illegal sublets, illegal usage, pre-tenant screening and more.

Landlord Tenant Buyouts

Our team provides consulting for landlord tenant buyout negotiations including assisting tenants with relocation.

Here are just a few examples of how City5 Consulting coupled their expertise in NY property compliance with creative problem solving to deliver the best outcomes for their clients